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Competition, not concentration

This report explores issues of concentration and competition in consumer markets, and the role that policymakers can

The border audit

Despite the Windrush scandal the UK’s border is now far more “fit for purpose” than it was

Europe should keep Turkey close

EU-Turkey relations have deteriorated sharply in recent years. To prevent the relationship from souring further, the bloc

Is everybody concentrating?

Worries about the state of modern capitalism abound from politicians across the political spectrum. This should be

Aiding the enemy

The UK urgently needs a new definition of treason that will recognise the nature of the threats

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How do we end serious youth violence and why have politicians failed to get a grip on it?

It is time for us to confront fundamental state failure and to recognise that we need a

Energy & Environment think forum: Decarbonising Transport

Bright Blue’s think forums are run by their members and are spaces for those on the centre-right

What are the key policy challenges facing the social care workforce?

In this talk Professor Manthorpe, Professor of Social Work and Director of the Social Care Workforce Research Unit,

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Spotlight on 'Regulation' - From the archive: Read more on the regulation of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in gambling in "Wheel of Misfortune" from @res_publica Phillip Blond and Dr James Noyes #regulation #policy #gambling #thinktanks #smartthinking

SPOTLIGHT on 'Regulation' - From the archive: "Nanny State Index" from @epicenterEU Christopher Snowdon looks at data from the Nanny State Index on lifestyle regulations

CONGRATULATIONS to @RoryGeo @csjthinktank for MOST READ this week - A woman-centred approach - taking a new approach to female offenders #PrisonReform #mostread READ MORE HERE

SPOTLIGHT on 'Regulation' - From the archive: Explore the potential for regulation of new medicines and health technologies post brexit in "Instrumental Variables" from @ASI Mark Lutter #regulation #policy #thinktanks #smartthinking

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