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Will the unity of the 27 crack?

The 27 European Union member-states will be just as unified in the Brexit negotiations on the future

Fast food outlets and obesity: what is the evidence?

Several local authorities in Britain have introduced 'zoning laws' to restrict fast food outlets within a certain

Forecasting hazards, averting disasters

Forecast-based early action (FbA) initiatives are diverse, with very different approaches to the timing of decisions and

A new bargain: people, productivity and prosperity

The UK has a productivity and prosperity problem. The country languishes at the bottom of productivity indices

Costing Brexit: what is Whitehall spending on exiting the EU?

The vote to leave the European Union (EU) is leaving a lasting impression on the shape and

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When does government outsourcing work?

Problems with government outsourcing are never far from the headlines, and the collapse of Carillion and woes

Energy transitions 2018

Transformational change and technological innovation coupled with recent political transitions have caused many to reassess the most

Is it time for a revolution in government economics?

Government economic forecasting is never far from the headlines. Now the question which started rumbling at the

Brexit and the world of arts and culture

This event considers what impact Brexit has had on the world of arts and culture and ask

Higher education funding: a sustainable future?

During this event EPI will present analysis which considers the trade-offs of the alternative options available and their

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"Fast food outlets and obesity: what is the evidence?" was last week's most read report at Smart Thinking. CONGRATULATIONS @cjsnowdon and @iealondon. Read it again here:

WEEKEND ROUND-UP: "Fast food outlets and obesity: what is the evidence?" from @cjsnowdon and @iealondon. ICYMI:

Check out our brand new website, which went live this week! its never been easier to see all the latest reports, analyses and events from the UK's leading Think Tanks

WEEKEND ROUND-UP: "Will the unity of the 27 crack?" ICYMI from @JohnSpringford, @SamuelMarcLowe and @Beth_Oppenheim at @CER_EU:

For comparable market access to EU membership, all of May's red lines would have to go. Read more on the future unity of the EU-27 by @JohnSpringford, @SamuelMarcLowe and @Beth_Oppenheim at @CER_EU:

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