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Accountability in modern government: recommendations for change

Ministers should be called to explain when things go wrong under their watch – even if they

Performance tracker 2018

Government is quietly shifting costs of public services on to individuals. Where government can get people to

Delivering blockchain’s potential for environmental sustainability

By placing trust and authority in a decentralised network, rather than in a powerful central institution, blockchain

The impact of the code of good practice

The Code of Good Practice for partnerships between government departments and public (arm's-length) bodies was published by

Gaps in government data

High-quality government data is important for both government effectiveness, and for holding it to account. The UK

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Tracking Progress in Somalia’s Transition: Past Lessons and Future Prospects

The 2017 elections in Somalia saw the country’s most comprehensive electoral process for decades culminating in a

Global Britain and the South China Sea

Over the past 4 years, the People’s Republic of China has built a number of fortress islands

Fuelling the future: what is the role of hydrogen in the low carbon economy?

The concept of a ‘hydrogen economy’ has been put forward by proponents for many decades. In theory,

The US-China Trade War: Conflicting Perspectives

As the trade war between the United States and China continues to escalate, this meeting will focus

Higher Education in South Africa: Demands for Inclusion and the Challenges of Reform

South Africa’s higher education system has come to represent public controversy and intense contestation around the social

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VIEWS THAT MATTER - IMMIGRATION: @JTmigratory from @SMFthinktank highlights the recent lack of open dialogue between politicians and the public, and need now for open, honest engagement #thinktanks #immigration

VIEWS THAT MATTER - IMMIGRATION: @Jessprestidge from @WeAreBrightBlue highlights the need to recognise concerns about uncontrolled immigration whilst showing the benefits immigration is proven to deliver #thinktanks #immigration

EVENT TODAY: Find out more about @HJS_Org event "Global Britain and the South China Sea" being held tonight and hear from guest speakers discussing future shipping implications arising from China's activities #thinktanks #events

PUBLISHED TODAY: SMF's migration researcher @JTmigratory has contributed to @SmartThinktanks piece on immigration policy. Read it here:

VIEWS THAT MATTER - IMMIGRATION: Kate Henry from @IPPR highlights the need to scrap the target, improve real wages and work towards better integration #thinktanks #immigration

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