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Moving on: the cost of high staff turnover in the civil service

Excessive staff turnover in the civil service is costing the government up to £74 million a year

Immigration: picking the low-hanging fruits

Opinion surveys consistently show that the British public is overwhelmingly hostile to immigration. This widespread hostility actively

Setting the record straight: how record employment has changed the UK

On the eve of the global financial crisis, the UK’s employment rate was 73.0 per cent. A

All immigration is local

The SMF ‘All Immigration is Local’ report has found that local pressures due to immigration could be

Winter is coming. HealthTech is here

Winter is coming. HealthTech is here examined how innovation and technology could help alleviate pressures and provide

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FEPS-Fabian New Year Conference 2019: Brexit and Beyond

The 2019 FEPS-Fabian New Year Conference takes place just two months before the UK is due to

Whitehall Monitor 2019 launch

The Institute for Government invites you to the launch of Whitehall Monitor 2019, our annual report on the

Influenza Preparedness Stakeholder Conference on the Centenary of the 1918 Pandemic

100 years ago, a influenza virus pandemic stunned the world, killing over 50 million people worldwide. The

Drink Tank with Anne-Marie Trevelyan MP

Bright Blue drink tanks are a chance to meet, network, chat, have a beer and share ideas.

Ukraine: 5 Years on from Maidan

In January 2014, Ukraine’s then-President Victor Yanukovych passed a series of ‘anti-protest’ laws to quash growing unrest

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EVENT TOMORROW: Find out more about @thefabians event "FEPS-Fabian New Year Conference 2019: Brexit and Beyond" being held tomorrow with three key note speakers #KierStarmer, @EmilyThornberry and @tom_watson #thinktanks

CONGRATULATIONS! For the second week @james_rogers @HJS_Org have the most read report on Smart Thinking! "Audit of geopolitical capability" - read it again here #mostread #thinktanks #geopolitics

SPOTLIGHT on Data: @instituteforgov report also notes the need for better data on the public sector workforce, specifically turnover and socio-economic data to allow the civil service to manage its workforce more effectively #data #policy #thinktanks

SPOTLIGHT on Data: another area highlighted by @instituteforgov report is the requirement for more comprehensive data on public spending, including where £ is being spent and how well public services are performing #data #policy #thinktanks

SPOTLIGHT on Data: @instituteforgov report recommmends that the government could be more effective in managing contracts and thus create more comprehensive outsourcing data #data #policy #thinktanks

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