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Radicalising our children

At least 156 children have been subject to care proceedings over concerns of extremism risks, according to

Corporate tax out of control?

Do European companies pay their fair share of tax? Many companies headquartered in France, Germany, Italy and

2019 authoritarian populism index

The 2019 edition of Timbro Authoritarian Populism Index shows that 2018 was the best year to date

Academic freedom in Hungary’s authoritarian state capitalism

FPC Research Fellow Dr Gabor Scheiring writes in this recent article that new authoritarian leaders find it

The future of work: a vision for the national retraining scheme

This report outlines a vision for the National Retraining Scheme. At its core is the creation of

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York Drink Tank with Kevin Hollinrake MP

Bright Blue drink tanks are a chance to meet, network, chat, have a beer and share ideas. For

Women’s Voices In Extremism

It is clear that women serve as facilitators, supporters, and instigators of violence in terrorist movements. This

Borders and the rules-based international system: A historical and legal basis

It is a moment of great flux in the international environment. Established rules and structures are increasingly

Why Democracy?

The debate is hosted ahead of a soon-to-be-released FREER paper on the compatibility of free-markets and democracy,

CIOT/IFS debate: The powers of HMRC and the responsibility of citizens in today’s world

Over recent years HMRC have gained significant additional powers to enforce tax law, against a backdrop of

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OUT THIS WEEK: @epicenterEU @JohanssonHeino report "2019 Authoritarian Populism Index" which shows that 2018 was the best year to date for populist parties across Europe #thinktank #policy #populism #authoritarianism #EU

From the Archive: @WeAreBrightBlue report "Standing alone?" on self-employed individuals, whose income is well below average earnings for employees, and the particular challenges they face #thinktanks #policy #employment #selfemployed

EVENT TODAY: Find out more about @WeAreBrightBlue York Drink Tank event being held today with @kevinhollinrake MP #thinktanks #policy

From the Archive: @Policy_Exchange report "The two sides of diversity" finds that ethnically diverse occupations tend to be either low skilled jobs or highly skilled professional occupations #thinktanks #policy #employment #diversity

OUT THIS WEEK: @FPCThinkTank @gscheiring report "Academic freedom in Hungary’s authoritarian state capitalism" - read more here #thinktank #policy #academia #Hungary #authoritarianism

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