1 Million Years of Life

This report looks at the effects of smoking cigarettes and how it can be minimised by using e-cigarettes and vaping. Vaping is considered a healthier alternative to cigarettes as people can still receive nicotine but avoid the dangerous substances that are burnt when smoking. These heat not burn alternatives are widely considered 95% safer than cigarettes and the risk of cancer to be less than 1%. Within UK statistics, women are underrepresented in vaping compared to men which can lead to greater health risks for them. If regulation in regards to these alternative options were to take a more liberal approach we may see an even greater result in minimising tobacco related illness. It also examines other forms of regulation including pain packing and the success of these in countries such as Australia where there was little to no change in the smoking rate. Counties such as Sweden are even more liberal in the UK when it comes to smoking alternatives with the popular use of snus. These alternatives are saving lives that are lost to smoking and are also helping people to reduce their cigarette intake.

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