Monthly Archives: July 2017

By Stephen Clarke

Almost a year after voting to leave the European Union the negotiations for the UK’s departure began on 19th June…

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By Jonathan Dupont

Policy Exchange today publishes ‘Global Britain, Global Challenges: How to make aid more effective’. The report makes a strong case…

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By Tom Wilson

Foreign Funded Islamist Extremism in the UK”, has highlighted the need for a public inquiry into the foreign-based funding of…

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By Agata Gostynska-Jakubowska

Theresa May does not have a majority in the UK Parliament. But Commons voting on the Queen’s Speech last week,…

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By Giovanni Caccavello

The European Parliament Committee on Employment and Social Affairs and the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs are currently promoting…

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By Dr Renaud Mansour

In the absence of a representative and accountable government and state institutions, attempts to forge a strong Iraqi nation are…

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By Various Authors

This study investigates the scale of the illicit cigarette trade in the EU, Norway and Switzerland. Commissioned by RUSI with…

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By Dr Kristian Niemietz

The UK has an ever-ageing population, with the ratio of people in retirement age to people of working age set…

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By Ray Bassett

The position of Ireland in the Brexit negotiations has been one of the three lead issues in the talks between…

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