Monthly Archives: August 2017

By Emanuela-Chiara Gillard

This paper sets out a series of steps for systematically gathering information on the adverse impact of sanctions on humanitarian…

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By Stephen Clarke

This briefing note looks at how economically-driven internal migration has changed in the UK over the past two decades. There…

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By Various Authors

The CSJ is recommending that the Government reduces the stakes on FOBTs from £100 to £2, a measure that has…

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By John Myers

New report explains how politicians can easily end the housing crisis, boost the economy and win more votes. The UK’s…

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By Paul Swinney; Gabriele Piazza

This briefing looks at the impact of two notable cases of high-skilled publicly-funded jobs that have been moved out of…

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By Matthew Oakley; Nicole Gicheva

Despite the best attempts of policy makers, regulators and consumer groups, UK households do not save enough. The clear links…

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By Adam Corlett

This briefing note looks at how typical household incomes have differed by ethnicity. Around one fifth of the population self-report…

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By Christopher Snowdon; Mark Tovey

This discussion paper provides the first estimate of the net effect of smoking on UK taxpayers per annum. Up until…

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By Daniel Mahoney

Since the £9,000 cap, the participation rate of disadvantaged 19-year olds in higher education has increased by 4.8 percentage points.…

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