Monthly Archives: September 2017

By Daniel Mahoney

Corbyn claims Venezuela shows us "a better way of doing things". This report shows Chavez's reforms damaged the economy and…

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By IPPR Commission on Economic Justice

The British economic model needs fundamental reform. It is no longer generating rising earnings for a majority of the population,…

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By Prof John Bew; Prof David Martin Jones

The Prime Minister’s visit to Japan offers a useful starting point for a new discussion on what the UK’s strategy…

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By Carol Harlow QC

This paper concerns the judicialisation of administrative justice and is prompted by a recent decision of the UK Supreme Court.…

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By Scott Corfe

Economic and social deprivation in seaside communities has been much talked about in recent years. There has been a widespread…

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By Craig Thorley

Levels of mental illness, mental distress and low wellbeing among students in higher education in the UK are increasing, and…

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