Monthly Archives: November 2017

By Rishi Sunak MP

In 'A New Era for Retail Bonds' Rishi Sunak MP calls for the Government to back the creation of a…

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By Jon Andrews; Rebecca Johnes

To their supporters, they are seen as a helpful disruptor to the schools system; improving competition, choice, and quality. To…

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By Harry Quilter-Pinner

The NHS is well into its more austere decade ever, whilst funding for social care has declined every year since…

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By Various Authors

The direct influence of climate change on human mobility is unclear. Yet in international processes, climate change and disaster risk…

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By Harry Quilter-Pinner; Charlotte Snelling

Adult social care has been cut substantially since the onset of austerity. This is increasingly having severe consequences on the…

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By Professor Michael McMahon

The Bank of England raised its interest rates for the first time in over 10 years on Thursday 2 November.…

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By Laura Gardiner

Beyond facing down expected economic downgrades and clarifying the direction on Brexit, resetting the agenda on intergenerational fairness has emerged…

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By Darren Baxter; Luke Murphy

England is in the midst of a housing crisis. In 67 per cent of local authorities, insufficient houses were built…

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By Christopher Snowdon

Eating sugary food, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are legal activities. But politicians still use the law to discourage them.…

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