Monthly Archives: November 2017

By Diego Zuluaga

Animosity towards the business of finance is ancient and persistent. Because finance creates intangible value, its contribution to society is…

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By Stephen Clarke; Conor D'Arcy

The Resolution Foundation's Intergenerational Commission has analysed the breakdown of generational progress in a number of domains, including housing, the…

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By Adam Corlett, David Finch, George Bangham

In this report, our first dedicated Living Standards Outlook, we explore the prospects for household incomes and inequalities over the…

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By Sophia Besch; Christian Odendahl

The next German government should overcome 'small nation' thinking: Berlin needs to acknowledge that its domestic economic policy has consequences…

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By Nikolay Kozhanov

Recurring confrontations with the West are one of the main factors compelling Russia to intensify its activities in the Middle…

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By Ben Baumberg Geiger

Demos is excited to announce the launch of a new report from academic Ben Baumberg Geiger and Demos think tank, which…

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By George Selgin

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, Scotland had a stable financial system. Its stability arose from the pressure…

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By Anthony J. Evans

Conventional monetary policy has serious flaws and contributed to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Since then, emergency monetary policy has…

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By Simone Vibert

New research from Demos explores the social and economic impact of ADHD, focusing on ADHD which goes undiagnosed and untreated,…

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