Monthly Archives: March 2018

By Stephen Clarke

In Q4 2017 the pay squeeze that had affected the UK economy since the beginning of the year was starting…

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By Mark Boleat

The City will survive Brexit, but it will not emerge unscathed. In order to remain competitive Britain’s financial services industry…

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By Various Authors

The member-states and the EU: Taking back control? - The irony of Brexit is that the EU is becoming more…

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By Luke Murphy; Charlotte Snelling; Alfie Stirling

Council tax is considered by many to be in the ‘too difficult to touch’ box when it comes to reform.…

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By Matthew Oakley

This report outlines the significant need for increased action from households to protect themselves against the experience and costs of…

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By Tim Durrant; Alex Stojanovic; Lewis Lloyd

While the 27 member states are likely to remain united in their approach to the Brexit negotiations, it is essential…

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By Laura Gardiner; Adam Corlett

Over the past 18 months, research for the Intergenerational Commission has illustrated how the assumption that each generation will do…

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By Emma Fox

An initiative branded as a campaign to fight Islamophobia in fact provided a platform for extremism across the public and…

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By Professor John Bew

As Vladimir Putin celebrates another election victory, today's Labour party should remember that there can be no coherent response to…

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