Monthly Archives: April 2018

By Alan Lockey

The steady rise of self-employment has been one of the most significant labour market trends of the past two decades.…

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By Alfie Stirling

This policy paper from the UK think tank IPPR proposes a new framework for UK macroeconomic policy. Since the global…

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By Carys Roberts; Mathew Lawrence

A declining labour share of national income, together with unequal capital ownership, mean wealth inequality in the UK has risen…

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By Barra Roantree; Kartik Vira

Over the past 40 years, the UK has seen an almost continual rise in the proportion of women in employment.…

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By Kathleen Henehan; Anna Vignoles

Since its launch in June 2016, the Intergenerational Commission has uncovered a wealth of evidence that raises questions about the…

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By Various Authors

This Occasional Paper examines the factors contributing to radicalisation and violent extremism among labour migrants from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan…

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By Sophia Besch

The European Union and Britain both want to carry on co-operating on defence after Brexit. But working out how will…

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By Victoria Hewson

The debate surrounding the United Kingdom leaving the European Union has focussed on negotiations between the parties. But there are…

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By Nicolo Bird; David Phillips

A response to the consultation from the Finance and Constitution Committee of the Scottish Parliament concerning the funding of devolved…

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