Monthly Archives: April 2018

By Noah Gordon

Brexit has left the European Union with a pressing financial problem: how to cover the UK’s net €10 billion annual…

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By Benoit Guerin; Julian McCrae; Marcus Shepheard

Accountability in Modern Government: What are the Issues? shows how weak accountability increases the risk of failure of public services…

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By Nigel Keohane; Scott Corfe

This report examines the ‘poverty premium’ in energy – a phenomenon where those living below the poverty line pay more…

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By John Jerrim; Toby Greany; Natalie Perera

Analysis by the Education Policy Institute (EPI) and Professors John Jerrim and Toby Greany at the UCL Institute of Education…

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By Professor Vera E Troeger

May” children, holiday babies and post-tenure pregnancies: these are some of the labels attached to women’s choices of having children…

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By Lindsay Judge; Daniel Tomlinson

As the Resolution Foundation’s Intergenerational Commission enters its final stages, this report sets out our view on how we can…

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By Cormac O'Dea;  David Sturrock

This paper investigates individuals’ expectations about their own survival to older ages and compares these to projected and actual survival…

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By Raphael Hogarth; Dr Hannah White

Parliament’s ‘meaningful vote’ on the Brexit deal will be more than a yes-or-no choice. If government ministers come back from…

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By Julian Jessop

The ongoing controversy over Melrose’s purchase of engineering company GKN illustrates many common misunderstandings about how free markets can work…

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