Monthly Archives: May 2018

By George Bangham

The Intergenerational Commission has identified two major trends affecting young adults today, beside the weak performance of their incomes and…

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By Timothy Stafford

As European governments scramble to find a way to save the Iran nuclear deal, a new report today from The…

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By Christopher Snowdon

Our new league table of nanny state regulation shows that punitive taxation and excessive regulation of safer nicotine alternatives has…

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By Catherine McBride; Shanker Singham

As the most globally active financial services provider, the UK has the potential to be a key player in helping…

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By Ian Bond

Donald Trump’s combative attitude to America’s European allies and partners, and his hostility to international institutions that have underpinned Western…

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By Dr Jacob Parakilas; Thomas Raines

To better understand how governments on both sides of the Atlantic might respond to a descent towards populist authoritarianism in…

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By Matthew Oakley

The employment rate for disabled people in London stands at 46.5%. Meaning that some 370,000 disabled Londoners are out of…

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By Adrian Quine

None of the 1980s and 90s state privatisations have been as contentious as the break-up of British Rail (BR). Despite…

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By Fabian Wallen; Magnus Wiberg

The weak global GDP growth since the financial crisis in 2007-2009 has coincided with unusually weak growth in global trade.…

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