Monthly Archives: June 2018

By Sophia Besch; Ian Bond; Camino Mortera-Martinez

The UK and European Union would both benefit from co-operating closely on foreign policy, defence, and justice and home affairs…

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By Nick Davies; Lucy Campbell; Chris McNulty

Following the Prime Minister’s promise of more cash for the NHS, a new report calls for a parliamentary inquiry into…

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By Philippa Stroud; Stephen Brien; Rhiannon Jones

We are now witnessing the highest levels of displacement on record, as individuals seek to create their own pathways from…

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By Jack Airey; Sir Roger Scruton; Sir Robin Wales

The housing crisis will only be solved if the developers of new homes place more emphasis on design and style…

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By Ben Caldecott; Eamonn Ives; Mark Holmes

In collaboration with the Conservative Environment Network. The natural world is facing unparalleled threats. The fragility of the environment not…

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By Jamie Fraser; Christopher Snowdon

In a risk-obsessed society, nation-states within the EU and elsewhere face the dilemma of paternalist intervention. There is an ever-increasing…

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By Tim Cowen; Phillip Blond

In “TECHNOPOLY” and what to do about it: Reform, Redress and Regulation, ResPublica, with the support of the Big Innovation…

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By Professor Philip Booth

The extent of regulation of insurance companies has grown significantly in recent decades. The ‘freedom with publicity’ regime which defined…

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By Various Authors

In the context of a so-far acrimonious British exit from the European Union, the security and defence portfolio should present…

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