Monthly Archives: July 2018

By Rt Hon Gisela Stuart; Hugh Carveth

For democracy to work, individuals need to have confidence that government decisions are made because they are good for them…

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The consensus view is that this post-Brexit flash crash has damaged Britain’s economy. However, some economists suggest an overly strong…

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By Kathryn Petrie; James Kirkup

This report focuses on the demographics and experiences of those who provide family care. The current social care system is…

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By Shanker Singham; Radomir Tylecote; Victoria Hewson

Withdrawal from the EU must mean regulatory autonomy for the United Kingdom – sovereignty over its regulations. This reflects the…

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By Siân Bradley; Glada Lahn; Steve Pye

Over half of the world’s least developed and lowest income countries are currently exploring for oil and gas or hoping…

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By Simon Jeffrey; Lahari Ramuni

Digital connectivity has played a role in changing the economic, social and physical fabric of UK cities. Full fibre connections…

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By Jamie Bartlett; Josh Smith; Rose Acton

Demos has been commissioned by the ICO to examine current and emerging trends in how data is used in political…

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By Emil Dall; Tom Keatinge

This paper seeks to establish the baseline for a discussion on proliferation finance in the (re)insurance sector. The insurance industry…

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By Andrew Scott; Leah Worrall; Sam Pickard

This briefing considers the direct and indirect relationships between migration and energy services in places of origin and destination, and…

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