Monthly Archives: July 2018

By John Bew; Gabriel Elefteriu; Andrew Ehrhardt

The UK cannot be complacent about the continuing existence of NATO: a world without the alliance would be even more…

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By Guy Jobbins; Ian Langdown; Giselle Bernard

This briefing considers the impact of migration on a variety of WASH-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), chiefly SDG 6: 'to…

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By Camino Mortera-Martinez

The European Union has woken up to the threat of cyber attacks, but it’s coming late to the party. The…

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By Zilvinas Silenas

Instead of comprehensive re-examination of the Energy Taxation Directive, the European Commission is examining whether ETD should continue the exemptions…

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By Darren Baxter; Luke Murphy

Coverage of the housing crisis all too often focuses on our towns and cities, principally those in London and the…

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By Jon Andrews

The Education Policy Institute has published a new paper analysing the government’s claim that “there are now 1.9 million more…

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By Dr Paul Goldsmith

The NHS as a whole employs approximately 1.7 million people making it, famously, the fifth biggest employer on the planet.…

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By Dr Kristian Niemietz

2018 marks the 70th birthday of the UK National Health Service – an institution which commands an unparalleled trust and…

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By Jonathan Thomas

Some British politicians are in danger of misjudging public opinion on immigration. Not only the UK’s immigration policy, but also…

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