Monthly Archives: August 2018

By Dr Kristian Niemietz

This short paper reiterates the classical liberal critique of socialism. It does so in a format which is slightly unusual…

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By Hywel Lloyd

IPPR looks at how designing and creating a bottom-up, decentralised and distributed energy system can meet the energy needs of…

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By Luke Sibieta

This report by the UK think tank Education Policy Institute (EPI) assesses the state of the teacher labour market in…

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By Dr Madsen Pirie; Jamie Hollywood

Agriculture is on the cusp of an historic change that could see billions access meat at affordable prices, while reducing…

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By Luke Murphy

Land is an essential factor in all economic activity but, if it is not properly managed and regulated, it can…

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By Mark A. Walter; Alex Krasodomski-Jones

In an age where hate and prejudice transfer seamlessly from online conversations to our communities, we have a duty to…

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By Rory Geoghegan

Our report, It Can Be Stopped, launched today with a foreword from the Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, sets…

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By Michael Johnson

Britain’s household savings ratio has plummeted to 4.9%, the lowest since records began in 1963. With savings rates falling and…

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By Phoebe Griffith

Last year, IPPR made the case for an immigration strategy that focused on how to reform immigration rules and policies…

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