Monthly Archives: August 2018

By Antony Froggatt; Daniel Quiggin

The cost of electricity generated by solar and wind has dramatically declined. In most regions renewables now represent the majority…

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By Daniel Thornton

Civil service leaders continue to professionalise key government activities such as policy making, financial management and procurement by creating new…

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By Gabriele Piazza; Naomi Clayton

This report considers the contribution that EU migrants make to urban economies in England and Wales, and the impact that…

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By Jill Rutter; Joe Owen

Brexit negotiations are entering the end game. Over the next few months, the Government must conclude a withdrawal agreement with…

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By Matthew Oakley; Guy Miscampbell; Raphael Gregorian

Almost 50,000 vulnerable children are being cared for in areas where council services are failing them. This report analyses inspection…

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By Tim Cowen; Phillip Blond

The online gambling industry is an industry that makes more than half of its profits from those at risk and…

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By Meia Nouwens; Helena Legarda

This report from the UK think tank IISS examines the internationalisation of China’s private security companies. Chinese private security companies…

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By Sarah Timmis; Luke Heselwood; Eleonora Harwich

The report demonstrates the potential of data sharing to transform public service delivery and improve outcomes for citizens. It explores…

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By David S Oderberg

We live in a liberal, pluralistic, largely secular society where, in theory, there is fundamental protection for freedom of conscience…

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