Monthly Archives: November 2017

By Daniel El-Gamry; twitLuke Heselwood

The report assesses the progress of HMRC in its attempt to adopt Smarter Working principles. Smarter Working is an approach…

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By Susanna Smith

The Code of Good Practice for partnerships between government departments and public (arm's-length) bodies was published by the Cabinet Office…

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By Various Authors

Free trade improves the well-being of all parties to it. The most significant way that trade achieves this outcome is…

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By James Sproule

Central and Eastern Europe is at a cross roads; the choices made over the next few years are going to…

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By Judith Pepper

This report from the UK think tank Civitas looks at the changing nature of adoption and its place in our…

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By Paul Swinney; Rebecca McDonald; Lahari Ramuni

Since the Brexit vote, there has been a great deal of policy debate and focus on ‘left-behind’ towns, and whether…

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By Olivia Bailey; Lewis Baston

A new Fabian Society report, warns the fragility in Labour’s coalition could cost Labour the next election. New qualitative research also…

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By Jacqueline Hale

Jacqueline Hale argues that as like-minded partners, sharing many policy traditions, norms and standards the EU and UK have every…

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By Rory Meakin

This report by UK think tank Adam Smith Institute looks at how mortgages are out of reach for those in…

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