Monthly Archives: January 2019

By Emma Fox

This report catalogues 204 events promoted to students in the academic year 2017/18 featuring speakers with a history of extreme…

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By Vera Kichanova

A new report by Vera Kichanova, an urban policy researcher, argues that Britain should legalise microhomes. Housing is the most…

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By Conor D'Arcy, Fahmida Rahman

The UK’s employment rate continues to reach record highs. But while the majority of jobs added in recent years have…

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By Tom Pollard

Will the Department for Work and Pensions ever be capable of delivering a pathway from poverty for ill and disabled…

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By Stephen Laws

Current proposals for Parliament to “take over the process” are based on fundamental misconceptions about the UK constitution, and that…

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By Radomir Tylecote

On 20th December, the European Commission launched a (relatively brief) consultation on moving from unanimity to qualified majority voting (QMV)…

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By Sara Bonetti

This report from the UK think tank Education Policy Institute (EPI), supported by the Nuffield Foundation, provides a detailed analysis…

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By Tom Sasse; Emma Norris

Excessive staff turnover in the civil service is costing the government up to £74 million a year in recruitment, training…

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By Dr Kristian Niemietz

Opinion surveys consistently show that the British public is overwhelmingly hostile to immigration. This widespread hostility actively shapes our immigration…

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