Monthly Archives: February 2019

By Scott Corfe

This report, commissioned by Peabody, provides new insights into the lives of individuals living in social housing in London –…

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By Laurie Laybourn-Langton; Lesley Rankin; Darren Baxter

Mainstream political and policy debates have failed to recognise that human impacts on the environment have reached a critical stage,…

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By James Smith

Household incomes are around £1,500 year lower today than they were expected to be before the Brexit referendum – with…

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By Bob Seely; James Rogers

In this report, Bob Seely MP and James Rogers ask how the United Kingdom (UK) might strengthen its global role…

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By Keith Boyfield; Robert Wickham

There is enough Green Belt land within the confines of Greater London – 32,500 hectares – to build 1.6 million…

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By Vera E Troeger

The UK has just lived through a decade of turmoil, which began with the financial crisis and ends with the…

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By Will Tanner, Guy Miscampbell

The link between the universities with the lowest median graduate earnings issue the most unconditional offers and have awarded their…

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By Daniel Bentley; Alex McCallum

This report from the UK think tank Civitas looks at the shift in household growth rates since the 1990s. Rates…

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By Dr Jack Brown

As the political, financial and cultural centre of the United Kingdom, is London too dominant? This report explores how London's…

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