Monthly Archives: March 2019

By Luke Murphy; Joshua Emden

Decarbonisation holds huge opportunities for the north of England. The energy sector is one of the North’s ‘prime capabilities’. The…

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By Jack Airey; Richard Blakeway

This report from the UK think tank Policy Exchange proposes a plan for building a generation of new millennial towns…

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By Marianne Schneider-Petsinger

Although the US and the EU remain each other’s largest trade and investment partners, there has latterly been some turbulence…

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By Sinan Hatahet

Russia and Iran, the two main military allies and enablers of the Syrian regime, are engaged in competition over access…

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By Various authors

Both the British Government and the European Union insist that they do not want a “no-deal” Brexit. Yet it remains…

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By Christopher Snowdon

The term ‘junk food’ has no legal definition and its use by campaigners gives a misleading impression of how much…

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By Joe Owen; Maddy Thimont Jack; Adela Iacobov; Elliott Christensen

Leaving the European Union (EU) will allow the UK to ‘take back control’ of aspects of migration policy previously determined…

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By Victoria Hewson

The Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market (the “Directive”) is back. The issues with the Directive were described…

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By Joshua Kraindler; Ben Gershlick; Anita Charlesworth

This report from the UK think tank The Health Foundation analyses the NHS capital budget and compares it to international…

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