Monthly Archives: February 2020

By Paul Swinney; Kathrin Enenkel

This latest report from UK think tank Centre for Cities looks at the underperformance of big cities at the heart…

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By Matthew Lesh

This report from the UK think tank Adam Smith Institute looks at teh case for legalising e-scooters. A new paper…

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By Elisabeth Braw

This latest report from UK think tank RUSI looks at crisis scenarios and young people. Through national resilience training, young…

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By Dr. Stephen Brien; Dr. Alastair Masser

This new report from UK think tank the Legatum Institute quantifies prosperity across each African nation and tracks its evolution…

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By Melanie Wilkes; Heather Carey; Rebecca Florisson

This report from UK think tank the Work Foundation looks at mental wellbeing in the film and creative industries. The…

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By Tim Worstall

This report by UK think tank the IEA presents a critique of paternalism. A ban on opening a new supermarket…

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