Monthly Archives: November 2017

By Rachel Wolf; Jonathan Simons; Gabriel Milland

This report from UK think tank Centre for Policy Studies looks at how children can catch up after Covid. New…

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By Tim Eaton

This report from UK think tank Chatham House provides a network analysis of Haftar’s military alliance. In recent years, the…

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By Dr Mark Hanna

This article by UK think tank the Foreign Policy Centre looks at the potential for, and importance of, long awaited…

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By Bronwen Maddox; Alex Thomas

This report from UK think tank the Institute for Government provides details on 10 essential reforms to government. In his…

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By George Dibb; Carsten Jung; Henry Parkes; Shreya Nanda

This report from UK think tank IPPR looks at why the UK should seize the opportunity to support a global…

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