A lost tribe

This report from the UK think tank the Henry Jackson Society looks at Britain’s young Eurosceptics.

The most comprehensive deep-dive into who young brexiteer voters are was published today – revealing a far more complex picture of the understudied group than commonly portrayed. The report finds that after excluding “don’t knows” and “will not votes”, more than 3 in 10 young people claimed that they intended to vote ‘leave’ in the 2016 referendum. The findings are backed by Conservative MP, Andrea Jenkyns, who claimed the report “breaks through ideologically-charged attempts to homogenise social groups”. Its author today said that the evidence showed that “not only are Brexit voters made up of all age groups, but young brexit voters are as diverse and complex a grouping, as young people generally.” The study is based on a nationally representative survey of 1,351 young British adults and was conducted in May 2016 by YouGov. Although now three years old, this survey remains one of the largest systematic surveys into British young people’s socio-political attitudes and their views on the UK’s membership of the EU. Its findings have previously been considered in papers produced by the academic community but have not previously been reported upon by the press.

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