A room of one’s own

This report from UK think tank Demos provides a guide to private spaces online.

Private spaces, online and offline, are valuable. Privacy allows people to exercise control and grants freedom. A private space may be necessary to develop one’s own plans, to forge relationships, and to understand the world. Different political and social contexts will affect people’s conceptions of privacy, and the circumstances in which it is most valued. But the key concern remains, that private spaces are necessary for freedom and security.

Which online spaces are considered private by policymakers and platforms has significant ramifications, from defining technical specifications for online spaces to enforcing regulation of platform action on harmful content online.

A Room of One’s Own explores private spaces online, and is calling for the Government, tech companies and civic society to implement a new definition of private spaces online, which provides various obligations that these platforms and policymakers should consider when designing, regulating, or accessing private spaces online.

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