Alcohol-free and low-strength drinks: understanding their role in reducing alcohol-related harms

This report from UK think tank the Social Market Foundation looks at whether ‘NoLo’ drinks can improve public health outcomes.

The UK Government has outlined its interest in how alcohol-free and low-strength drinks – “NoLo” – might improve public health outcomes. Evidence presented in this report finds that whilst NoLo products may help individuals reduce their consumption, NoLo drinks are unlikely to produce the aggregate level reductions in alcohol-related harms public health experts would desire. NoLo products comprises a small but increasingly significant part of the alcoholic drinks market. Gaining traction in the media, NoLo drinks have sparked the interest of government, which has homed in on NoLo as a way of reducing alcohol-related harms, as set out in the 2019 Prevention Green Paper. However, the evidence base for how NoLo products – and the growth in the market – might impact health outcomes remains limited. Analysis and survey findings presented here seek to improve that evidence base.

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