Appetite for global success

Appetite for Global Success looks at the importance and strength of the Food and Drink manufacturing sector and its role in the entire food chain. The report provides new analysis on the sector’s importance and extensive economic footprint across the UK for jobs, growth and rebalancing. F&D is a sixth of UK manufacturing, employs 400,000 and produces nearly 7% of exports. Despite this, F&D has largely been omitted from the Industrial Strategy. A decisive focus must be established to maintain and grow jobs and exports, and drive productivity. A decade ago, Scotland did this and has seen turnover increase 44% and exports 56%. A dedicated mission through the Industrial Strategy should also be set to meet the demands of global food consumption now worth $8 trillion – production must increase 60% by 2050 to meet the appetites of a predicted nine billion people.

It must also seek to address a global obesity crisis – the NHS spends £16 billion a year on obesity – and deliver sustainable production and harness new technologies. The report argues that the ambition for the F&D manufacturing sector must be to meet these global demands, producing sustainable and healthier food, harnessing and developing new technologies including industry 4.0, and creating world-beating products. This ambition should be translated through the Industrial Strategy, the Government’s foremost economic policy frame, and with a sector approach. The report also outlines the implications of Brexit for the sector and the needs for Industrial Strategy co-ordination – the EU bought more than 70 per cent of UK food and non-alcoholic drink exports last year.

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