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How to…transition from academia to think tanks

There are lots of good reasons to want to work in academia: research freedom, the opportunity to

Three facts about a Brexit fisheries agreement

The Withdrawal Agreement states that the EU and the UK should ‘use their best endeavours to conclude

Post Covid-19, what should be the primary focus for UK immigration policy

After the coronavirus crisis and the recognised contribution of key workers, many of whom are immigrants, has

How to…engage with the UK parliament

When you think about engaging with policy as a researcher, it’s easy to focus on Government; feeding

How to…take your events online

The Resolution Foundation has a busy events programme, running a speech, book launch or panel discussion at

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Security & Defence Views that Matter

In an area of rising tensions what is likely to happen next

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Will it cause the EU to take defence more seriously, will NATO still take the lead and what of the…

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