Investing in the NHS long term plan: job done?

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This briefing from the UK think tank The Health Foundation sets out an ambitious vision of improved care for patients. But is it job done? In this briefing we analyse the challenges now facing health and social care and look at the implications of the plan for activity levels and workforce in the NHS in… Read more »

Calling out hatred and prejudice

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This report from think tank British Future provides a practical guide for organisations combating hate crime and prejudice, drawing upon previous original research by British Future. The report examines different audiences for anti-prejudice communications and the messages that might reach and resonate with them. It aims to encourage anti-prejudice actors to give greater consideration to the… Read more »

Untapped potential

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This report from the UK think tank The Health Foundation highlights nine key reasons why there should be more investment in health and care data analytics. Clinicians can use the insights generated by skilled analysts to improve diagnosis and disease management. National and local NHS leaders can evaluate innovations and new models of care to… Read more »

The improvement journey

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This report from the UK think tank The Health Foundation looks at why organisation-wide improvement in health care matters, and how to get started. This report is a practical guide to developing an organisation-wide approach to improvement. It summarises the benefits of such an approach and outlines the key elements and steps that NHS trust… Read more »

Crossing divides

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This latest report by think tank British Future looks at the role the arts can play in bridging the divides that exist in British society. It explores in depth the 14-18 NOW arts programme for the First World War centenary, which had broad reach and resonance across different social groups. The authors ask whether this… Read more »

Failing to capitalise: capital spending in the NHS

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This report from the UK think tank The Health Foundation analyses the NHS capital budget and compares it to international averages. The capital budget of the Department of Health and Social Care is used to finance long-term investments in the NHS in England. This includes spending on new buildings, equipment and IT, improvements to and… Read more »