Becoming Prime Minister

This report from the UK think tank Institute for Government provides a guide for an incoming prime minister.

Conservative MPs who want to become Prime Minister must think beyond the immediate leadership contest and face the practical challenges of being head of government. There are no official guides to help prepare for the most demanding role in UK politics. This paper addresses that gap. The paper guides an incoming prime minister step-by-step through the challenges of preparation to make a quick and successful start in 10 Downing Street. It will help the next PM to set expectations, make key appointments and understand how government is structured and how to get things done. No amount of Cabinet experience or time in Opposition prepares any future prime minister fully. The next PM will take over in complex and challenging circumstances. Any serious leadership candidate must prepare now to make sure that he or she is not overwhelmed by the challenge and does not make ill-informed decisions. The first days can set the tone of an entire premiership.

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