Black Lives Matter UK

This report from UK think tank The Henry Jackson Society is an anthology settin gout practical paths to healing social divisions.

In the last few months, nobody could have missed the emergence and activities of the “Black Lives Matters” campaign, which has left its mark in the spheres of politics, education, business, sports, and entertainment. Claiming that right-wing authoritarianism is rising in a number of countries – including Britain – Black Lives Matters UK offers the view that bending to its demands is the only way to resolve perceived burning injustices. Its strongest critics though — some from Britain’s black communities — claim that the movement not only ignores but actively vilifies those who disagree with its policy positions. The Henry Jackson Society’s Black Lives Matter UK anthology provides a platform for some of those voices. Its authors — who prioritise cohesion over difference — set out practical and realistic paths to improving community outcomes and healing social divisions in Britain. Binding their contributions together is a belief that hard-left identity politics – much of which is culturally imported from the USA – threatens to weaken domestic race relations and destabilise Britain’s multi-racial democracy.

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