Building for a new urban mobility

This report from UK think tank Centre for London looks at how new development in London needs to link into the transport system.

Solving London’s housing affordability and supply crises will require a sharp increase in housebuilding during the coming years. But new development will have to plug into a transport system that is already stretched – against the backdrop of a growing climate emergency. New technologies could result in a revolution for active and shared travel, increasing the efficiency of our transport system – but it is also possible that they could worsen London’s congestion, pollution and public realm difficulties by putting more vehicles on the road. One catalyst for potential problems is that many new London developments lock in car ownership and use. In response to these obstacles, this report makes the case for a policy-led approach termed “New Urban Mobility” – the harnessing of technology to enable active travel, public transport use, the cleanest vehicle technology and minimal use of private cars.

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