Building for renewal

This latest report from UK think tank Localis is a collection of essay looking at housing’s social and economic role and transformative capacity.

Given the gravity of the situation we find ourselves in, housing’s fundamental social and economic role and transformative capacity to drive change and growth assumes even greater significance. What was already a radical and exciting agenda for housing in the aftermath of last December’s general election result now becomes a pivotal ‘win or lose’ moment for national renewal. This paper sets out – alongside Localis’ own suggestions – twenty separate views from individual experts and a wide range of organisations as to how we use the primacy of place to direct a return to housing growth and with it renewal. As such, this is a collection of individual essays which should not be assumed to be the views of any other. Each separate essay should be read and understood in its own light as offering deep understanding and practical solutions to unlocking some of the many complex problems which the COVID-19 response currently poses to housing. As a collection, however, these essays offer both deep experience and firm understanding of the unprecedented situation we are living through. The essays also present means that are both astute and creative yet rooted in reality for escaping the short to medium term difficulties and improving on what was before – or to take the phrase of the moment ‘Build Back Better’.

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