Energy Policy

By Shelagh Whitley; Joe Thwaites; Helena Wright; Caroline Ott

Article 2.1c of the Paris Agreement breaks new ground. It is the first time that the United Nations Framework Convention…

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By Brendan Guy

Following the failure of the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP 15) in Copenhagen in 2009, there was a step…

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By Jill Duggan

The corporate sector has traditionally engaged governments at national rather than international level in lobbying for action related to climate…

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By Scott Corfe; Nicole Gicheva

This SMF report presents new estimates of industry concentration in consumer markets, exploring the extent to which markets are dominated…

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By Antony Froggatt; Daniel Quiggin

The cost of electricity generated by solar and wind has dramatically declined. In most regions renewables now represent the majority…

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By Scott Corfe

This report explores issues of concentration and competition in consumer markets, and the role that policymakers can play in driving…

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By Various Authors

A economy-wide carbon tax paid by both domestic and international producers would prevent carbon leakage, level the playing field for…

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By Siân Bradley; Glada Lahn; Steve Pye

Over half of the world’s least developed and lowest income countries are currently exploring for oil and gas or hoping…

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By Andrew Scott; Leah Worrall; Sam Pickard

This briefing considers the direct and indirect relationships between migration and energy services in places of origin and destination, and…

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