By Miriam Denis Le Sève; Nathaniel Mason & Darius Nassiry

By placing trust and authority in a decentralised network, rather than in a powerful central institution, blockchain – the technology…

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By Shanker Singham

The primary objective of a UK fisheries policy should be to balance the goals of ensuring a viable future for…

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By Ben Caldecott; Eamonn Ives

Nature is facing unparalleled threats. Under Conservative Governments this decade, there has been progress on nature conservation, at home and…

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By Dr Madsen Pirie; Jamie Hollywood

Agriculture is on the cusp of an historic change that could see billions access meat at affordable prices, while reducing…

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By Antony Froggatt; Daniel Quiggin

The cost of electricity generated by solar and wind has dramatically declined. In most regions renewables now represent the majority…

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By Siân Bradley; Glada Lahn; Steve Pye

Over half of the world’s least developed and lowest income countries are currently exploring for oil and gas or hoping…

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Good intentions but will the implementation let the strategy down?

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By Ben Caldecott; Eamonn Ives; Mark Holmes

In collaboration with the Conservative Environment Network. The natural world is facing unparalleled threats. The fragility of the environment not…

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By Johanna Lehne; Felix Preston

As a key input into concrete, the most widely used construction material in the world, cement is a major contributor…

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