By Shelagh Whitley; Joe Thwaites; Helena Wright; Caroline Ott

Article 2.1c of the Paris Agreement breaks new ground. It is the first time that the United Nations Framework Convention…

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By Brendan Guy

Following the failure of the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP 15) in Copenhagen in 2009, there was a step…

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By Jill Duggan

The corporate sector has traditionally engaged governments at national rather than international level in lobbying for action related to climate…

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By Matt Ridley; David Hill

Innovation in farming has led to higher crop yields which, in turn, have allowed more land to be spared from…

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By Eamonn Ives; Ryan Shorthouse

Air pollution, especially in urban areas, is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. A growing evidence…

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By Christopher Vandome; Dr. Alex Vines OBE

The illegal wildlife trade (IWT) significantly impacts African economies by destroying and corroding natural, human and social capital stocks. This…

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By Miriam Denis Le Sève; Nathaniel Mason & Darius Nassiry

By placing trust and authority in a decentralised network, rather than in a powerful central institution, blockchain – the technology…

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By Shanker Singham

The primary objective of a UK fisheries policy should be to balance the goals of ensuring a viable future for…

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By Ben Caldecott; Eamonn Ives

Nature is facing unparalleled threats. Under Conservative Governments this decade, there has been progress on nature conservation, at home and…

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