Financial Policy

By Catherine McBride; Shanker Singham

As the most globally active financial services provider, the UK has the potential to be a key player in helping…

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By Cormac O'Dea;  David Sturrock

This paper investigates individuals’ expectations about their own survival to older ages and compares these to projected and actual survival…

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By Various Authors

This paper examinines the structural, systemic and cultural issues in the UK’s anti-money-laundering regime as it relates to information and…

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By Mark Boleat

The City will survive Brexit, but it will not emerge unscathed. In order to remain competitive Britain’s financial services industry…

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By Scott Corfe; Nigel Keohane

The SMF define the poverty premium as “the extra cost that households on low incomes incur when purchasing the same…

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By Diego Zuluaga

Animosity towards the business of finance is ancient and persistent. Because finance creates intangible value, its contribution to society is…

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By George Selgin

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century, Scotland had a stable financial system. Its stability arose from the pressure…

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By Anthony J. Evans

Conventional monetary policy has serious flaws and contributed to the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. Since then, emergency monetary policy has…

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By Dr Gerard Lyons

As the world’s leading international financial centre, London faces fascinating opportunities as well as some significant challenges in coming years.…

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