By Éireann Leverett

This report from the UK think tank Chatham House sets out a roadmap for how organizations in the civil nuclear…

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By Silviya Barrett; Martin Wedderburn; Erica Belcher

This report from the UK think tank Centre for London looks at next generation road user charging for a healthier,…

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By Luke Raikes

This report from the UK think tank IPPR examines opportunities for the North's transport network. The North’s transport network is…

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By Adrian Quine; Sophie Jarvis

A new report by Adrian Quine, rail consultant and journalist, and Sophie Jarvis, Head of Government at the ASI, calls…

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By Wilf Lytton; Ryan Shorthouse

Decarbonising the UK’s gas network presents one of the most significant political and economic challenges facing the UK. Natural gas…

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By Bob Seely; James Rogers

In this report, Bob Seely MP and James Rogers ask how the United Kingdom (UK) might strengthen its global role…

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By Nick Davies; Oliver Chan; Aron Cheung; Gavin Freeguard

Government procurement: the scale and nature of contracting in the UK reveals that four departments – the Ministry of Justice…

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By Joshua Emden; Luke Murphy

As the most recent IPCC report on global warming shows, decarbonising the UK’s economy is an urgent necessity if we…

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By Victoria Pinoncely

This report examines how Modern Methods of Construction could improve the speed, scale, and quality of housing delivery across the…

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