Social Policy

By Frank Young

New CSJ report sets out the extent of public support for government talking about family stability

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By Harry Quilter-Pinner

The NHS is well into its more austere decade ever, whilst funding for social care has declined every year since…

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By Harry Quilter-Pinner; Charlotte Snelling

Adult social care has been cut substantially since the onset of austerity. This is increasingly having severe consequences on the…

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By Laura Gardiner

Beyond facing down expected economic downgrades and clarifying the direction on Brexit, resetting the agenda on intergenerational fairness has emerged…

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By Various Authors

The political landscape in Australia currently faces a number of issues that threaten the future prosperity of the nation –…

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By Daniel Mahoney

According to Rupert Harrison, George Osborne’s former special adviser, the triple lock on pensions was a Liberal Democrat demand for…

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By Phillip Blond; Dr James Noyes

As the Government prepares a review of the gambling industry in Britain today, this report makes the case for better…

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By Emily Frith

This report by the Education Policy Institute (EPI) examines new data on access to specialist treatment for children and young…

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By Hannah Shrimpton; Gideon Skinner; Suzanne Hall

As previous analysis for the Intergenerational Commission has highlighted, the principle of generation-on-generation progress that has come to define 20th…

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