The EU

By Alexander Fritz Englund

Populism is on the rise, especially in Europe. Determining the causes is of crucial political importance. Some claim that “neoliberal”…

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By Raphael Hogarth; Lewis Lloyd

The Government has promised to end the direct jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) after Brexit. However, the…

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By Giovanni Caccavello; Bruno Leoni

Index began classifying all of the 28 EU Member States in 2015. The top 3 performers in 2017 are the…

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By Louis Rostain

6 December marks Credit Day across the European Union. This is the day when, on average, European countries' central administrations…

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By Various Authors

Analysis of more than 10,000 Europeans has identified six distinct groups of voters across the continent – challenging the polarized…

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By Charles Grant; Simon Tilford; Sophia Besch

Charles Grant writes in 'Ten predictions for the Brexit talks' arguments over the Irish border may block the start of…

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By Agata Gostynska-Jakubowska

If the eurozone fails to win back the support of disaffected citizens, the bloc could face a serious threat from…

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By Jasna Šelih with Ian Bond; Carl Dolan

The European Union should start withholding funds from member-states that do not respect its values and reward those that do.…

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By Diego Zuluaga

Widespread automation is often named as the greatest long-term threat to human employment. But Europe’s immediate job market problems are…

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