By Susanna Smith

The Code of Good Practice for partnerships between government departments and public (arm's-length) bodies was published by the Cabinet Office…

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By Dr. Sanam Vakil

The withdrawal of the US from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) has renewed international attention on Iran’s interventions…

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By Various Authors

This report provides new estimates of total spending by the government on children in England, including benefits, education spending, services…

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By Rowena Crawford

There has been lots of recent research and debate on individuals’ accumulation of wealth for retirement, driven by the concern…

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By Tim Eaton

Libya suffers from interlinked political, security and economic crises that are weakening state institutions, damaging its economy and facilitating the…

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By Stéphane Gauthier; Guy Laroque

Consider a simple general equilibrium economy with one representative consumer, a single competitive firm and the government. Suppose that the…

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