Chlorinated chicken – why you shouldn’t give a cluck

Teams from the United Kingdom and the USA are beginning trade talks. Trade talks require pragmatism and compromise and they require the parties involved to look at their own regulatory frameworks and see if there are areas they can improve. With the UK leaving the European Union it can look again at restrictions on imports that the EU has imposed. Importantly these can be done through an evidence-based-policy lens. Our latest paper calls for the ban on imports of chlorine washed chicken from the USA as we leave the European Union. This is important to do as it has been a stumbling block on US-EU trade talks to date, with the USA likely to make increased access for American poultry exports to the UK market. The UK can show it is serious about being open for business by striking a deal with the largest economy in the world and can simultaneously show it bases regulation on scientific evidence. That sounds like a win-win.

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