Coming home to roost

‘Coming Home to Roost: The Poultry Meat Industry after Brexit’ identifies the main economic, societal and environmental risks to the poultry sector across a variety of potential Brexit scenarios. We argue that a ‘no deal’ scenario represents the worst-case outcome for the British poultry meat industry. The sector is vulnerable to rising labour and trade friction costs, lower standard imported produce, and potential environmental degradation should we leave the EU without a deal. It raises the risk of eating chicken produced to lower standards, imperilling public health and compromising consumer values. It also risks raising the price of poultry, amplifying societal inequalities and creating a two-tier food system in Britain. This report provides a series of safeguards to offset these risks. Brexit must be used as an opportunity to re-focus our attention on British values, to state boldly that prioritising high standard, affordable and sustainable British produce, for all, is at the top of our agenda. We want the Government to adopt policies that drive productivity and job growth; protect environmental sustainability; and strengthen our food security in a post-Brexit Britain.

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