Credit emancipation

This report makes the case for a place-based approach to building credit. We argue that improving aggregate credit scores at the local authority level can help to address the problems of unaffordable credit, financial exclusion, indebtedness and in-work poverty that are negatively affecting individuals and communities in the UK. In addressing how local credit building strategies can help individuals and households take control of their financial lives, we focus on the role that both public and private sector employers can make in helping to turn around deprived communities. We examine the potential of ‘salary-deducted lending’ – a scheme where employees can apply for loans to be delivered through their employer’s payroll mechanism – as a more affordable option to other sources of credit, such as bank loans, credit cards or payday lenders. We outline how salary-linked lending and savings alongside financial education can form part of a broader set of place-based solutions to help employers and employees make local communities more productive and prosperous.

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