De-radicalisation tactics in the North Caucuses can serve as a lesson and a warning

This report from UK think tank The Foreign Policy Centre on de-radicalisation tactics.

As Britain was shaken by its third terrorist attack in as many months, the Conservative government was quick to respond by calling for tougher sentencing for all those convicted of terror offences. Michael Gove suggested that terrorist should be ‘jailed indefinitely’ while opposition politicians and academics have emphasised the total inadequacy of rehabilitation programmes running in prisons. Waiting lists are long, even when offenders ask for help, with programmes woefully underfunded and unable to meet demand. This is not a problem isolated to just the United Kingdom (UK). Unexpected terrorist attacks carried out using primitive weapons, single-handedly or in small groups have become a part of reality across the world. As the UK contemplates these moves, it is worth looking at the example of Russia’s North Caucasus region where we can see the results of both punitive and preventative approaches to dealing with the issue of domestic Islamist terrorism.

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