EU wargames

Open Europe published a new report setting out the key discussion points and examining the potential lessons and insights of its ‘EU Wargames’ – a unique simulation of both the UK-EU renegotiation and what might happen if there was a referendum result in favour of Brexit. Open Europe’s EU Wargames, which assembled ‘players’ including former prime ministers and cabinet ministers to represent their countries or the EU institutions, took place in front of a live studio audience rather than behind closed doors – they were the closest the public could get to being inside the negotiating room. The simulated negotiations provided a number of lessons which are now being borne out in reality. Both the reform and Brexit scenario revealed the vulnerability of the ‘European project’ post-Brexit and the fear that it could trigger a wider unravelling of the EU. Irrational responses could result in ‘sub-optimal’ outcomes for all concerned.

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