Productivity Pitches #2: criminal justice and law enforcement

22 February 2024, 6:00 pm – 7:15 pm

Location: Online / Institute for Government, 2 Carlton Gardens, London SW1Y 5AA

Think tank: Institute for Government

This event hosted by UK think tank the Institute for Government highlights innovation in criminal justice and law enforcement.

Productivity in public services has never been more important. Most services are struggling to return to pre-pandemic performance levels, and both the Conservatives and Labour have indicated that they will stick to tight spending plans after the election. Improvements in performance will likely come from frontline workers finding new, innovative ways of delivering services.  

So what can be done to improve productivity? By highlighting outstanding examples of innovation across public services, Productivity Pitches, a new series of events hosted by the IfG, aims to share and support ways to improve performance levels.  

This event will be the second in the series and will focus on the criminal justice system.  

Each speaker will have 10 minutes to present their innovation, followed by 10 minutes of audience questions. The chair and a guest from The Productivity Institute – who are kindly supporting this event series – will then bring together the common themes from the pitches and discuss the lessons for improving productivity. 

The speakers for this edition of Productivity Pitches are:  

Mat Burbeck – Temporary Superintendent seconded to the independent Policing Productivity Team 

Chantal Hughes – Chief Executive and Emma Hazan – CARA Development Manager at Hampton Trust

Dr Varinder Panesar – Lead Forensic Psychologist/Therapies Lead and Neil Fraser – CSU & NDU Custodial Manager at HMP Pentonville

The event will be chaired by Nick Davies – Programme Director at the Institute for Government. Bart van Ark – Managing Director of The Productivity Institute, will join the discussion of common themes.