Unlocking Europe’s digital potential: priorities for the next commission

20 February 2024, 4:45 pm – 7:00 pm

Location: Brussels

Think tank: Centre for European Reform

This event hosted by UK think tank the Centre for European Reform will explore what the next European Commission can do to foster Europe’s digital economy.

The EU has huge potential for innovation – with a growing number of start-ups, and European firms increasingly adopting new technologies. Yet innovative firms still struggle to implement, commercialise and scale up their ideas while remaining in Europe, and the EU’s tech regulations have not yet delivered a European tech sector to rival the US.

This event will explore what the next European Commission can do to foster the digital economy in Europe. Is the recent flurry of digital rules sufficiently clear and coherent? Could more risk-based and future-proofed digital regulation help deliver the promise of more innovation and take-up of new technologies? Is the focus on ‘technological sovereignty’ a help or a hindrance? And how can the EU boost investment in infrastructure to accelerate the digital transition?

Milena Jabůrková – Vice President, Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic
Zach Meyers – Assistant Director, Centre for European Reform
Axel Voss – Member, European Parliament
Paul Adamson – Chairman of Forum Europe & Founder of Encompass (Chair)

Renate Nikolay – Deputy Director-General for Communications Networks, Content & Technology, European Commission