Unlocking the potential of banking data for good

21 February 2024, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Location: Online

Think tank: Joseph Rowntree Foundation

This event hosted by UK think tank the Joseph Rowntree Foundation will discuss the research use cases made possible with access to this banking data.

From the moment we wake up, we generate data – as consumers, as workers, as citizens. Part of that data trail creates a digital history of our economic activity all day, every day – by doing our banking to pay bills, making purchases online, using internet apps to manage all aspects of our financial lives, and much more. The data we generate can deliver huge benefits to society if we can unlock it safely and provide safe access to the data for research into the missions that matter to JRF.

Join us to hear from leading academics on the research use cases made possible with access to this banking data and to learn more about our partnership with Smart Data Foundry Data to create a Trusted Research Environment containing private sector financial research-ready data.

This webinar will also launch our new Income Volatility dashboard, powered by the same banking data, that will create an enduring view of the impact on UK consumers of Income Volatility and Economic Insecurity.


Rosario Piazza – Chief Insight Architect, Joseph Rowntree Foundation

Magdalena Getler – Head of Research Facility, Smart Data Foundry