Book club: in conversation with Steve Davies

This event, hosted by UK think tank the IEA will discuss the new era of British politics.

We are now living in a new era of British politics, the tenth such since the English invented modern party politics in 1671. How did this come about? That is the subject of Steve Davies’ book “The Economics and Politics of Brexit: The Realignment of British Public Life”. The story told here is that we should not think of Brexit as an act of inexplicable national self-harm, a moment of collective madness, or as something that makes no sense. Rather it was the outcome of a change in the way politics was structured, of a kind that had happened before. This is the process of realignment, the replacement of the old aligning issue by a new one and the working out of this in electoral and party politics.

This book lays out the theory of realignment and complements it with historical illustrations. It then uses this theory to tell the story of Britain’s newest realignment.

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