Core strength? Nuclear and net zero

This event, hosted by UK think tank Bright Blue will discuss nuclear power and net zero.

Is nuclear power critical to achieving net zero? The UK will have to greatly increase its electricity supply to deliver net zero. Proponents of nuclear power highlight that it is a necessary source of low-carbon electricity, whilst sceptics hold reservations around its high cost and the disposal of nuclear waste. With Britain’s ageing nuclear reactor fleet getting ever close to being decommissioned, the debate on new nuclear is heating up.


Mark Jenkinson MP, Vice-Chair, Nuclear Energy APPG

Dr Simon Evans, Deputy Editor, Carbon Brief

Paul Spence, Director of Strategy and Corporate Affairs, EDF

Prof Robin Grimes, Professor of materials physics, Imperial College London, and Nuclear Chief Scientific Adviser, Ministry of Defence


Key questions:

Is nuclear power a cost-effective pathway to decarbonising the electricity grid?

How will competition with renewables impact the building of new nuclear capacity?

How can new nuclear energy be delivered without ballooning costs?

What will be the impact of small-modular reactors on increasing capacity?

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