Covid, politics and post-soviet societies: StrategEast’s Westernization Report 2021

At this event, hosted by UK think tank Henry Jackson Society, the founder and President of StrategEast, Anatoly Motkin will present the Westernization Report.

Since the end of the Cold War, the 15 successor states to the Soviet Union have adopted different paths to their economic and political transition. Some, like those in the Baltics, have become democratic and liberal, while others, such as Belarus and Tajikistan, remain authoritarian regimes.

‘The Westernization Report’, issued by the Washington D.C.-based StrategEast think-tank, highlights the most important political and economic events that occurred in 14 post-Soviet countries (excluding Russia) in 2020.  Covering topics from political unrest in Kyrgyzstan and Belarus to the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan, the Report also analyses how the COVID-19 pandemic became a key trigger for socio-political changes in this broad region.

The Henry Jackson Society is pleased to invite you to join the founder and President of StrategEast Anatoly Motkin in a presentation of the Westernization Report and in a discussion about the nations of the post-Soviet region.

Anatoly Motkin, the Founder and President of StrategEast, is a successful technology investor with years of experience in political consulting and media entrepreneurship in the Eurasian region.


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